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MDPhysiotherapy and Theorem Health Ltd

Private & Corporate Healthcare Services

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MDPhysiotherapy and Theorem Health Ltd

Corporate Health and Wellness Services.
A bespoke, cost-effective workplace wellness programme to help companies proactively tackle Health, Wellness, Corporate and Social Responsibility issues effectively.

Stress is increasingly commonplace and burdensome. It does affect individual wellness, team working and productivity. Unaddressed, this will impact profitability.

Staff costs can be as much as 90% of operational expenses! Our Corporate Wellness initiative can deliver a positive impact on performance and productivity, for every participating member of staff.

Adopting a Wellness program can help facilitate:
Increased: Productivity, Staff Retention, Morale, Communication & Team Cohesiveness
Decreased: Presenteeism, Absence, Employee Turnover, Stress, Depression & Anxiety

A Happy and Healthy workforce is more productive, engaged and successful!
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